HIV/Syphilis Combo


Integrated rapid test tool with > 98% accuracy to detect HIV antibodies (type 1&2) & lgG/lgM antibodies against
treponema pallidum using whole blood, serum, or plasma samples.

Reading results in 20 minutes

Samples can be serum, plasma, and whole blood

2-30°C / 24 Month

BPRO HIV/Syphilis Combo

Integrated rapid test tool with accuracy > 98% for detection of HIV antibodies (type 1&2) & lgG/lgM antibodies againsttreponema pallidum menggunakanwhole blood, serum plasma sample.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) types 1 and 2 were obtained from patients suffering from AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) patients with ARC AIDS (Associated Complex), and healthy patients at high risk of developing AIDS. HIV infection will be followed by an acute flu-like illness. This phase may go unnoticed and often goes unnoticed in connection with HIV infection in some cases. The acute phase is usually followed by an asymptomatic carrier stage, which progresses to clinical AIDS in approximately 50% of infected individuals within 10 years of seroconversion.

Serological evidence of HIV infection can be obtained by testing for HIV antigens or antibodies in the blood of individuals suspected of being infected with HIV. Antigens can only be detected during the acute phase and the phase where AIDS symptoms occur. Antibodies to HIV types 1 and/or 2 can be detected throughout the period of infection, starting in or soon after the acute phase and lasting until the late stages of AIDS. Therefore, an antibody test with high sensitivity is needed as the main approach in serodiagnosis of HIV infection.

Syphilis is a disease caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum (TP). If not detected early, this organism can move throughout the body and cause damage to various organs and even death if not treated quickly. Individuals infected by TP can have 3 different stages of disease, namely: primary stage, secondary stage, and late latent stage. The serological response to syphilis involves the production of antibodies against a wide range of antigens, including non-specific antibodies and specific anti-TP antibodies. The first detectable response to infection is the production of specific anti-treponemal IgM 4 - 7 days after symptoms appear and lasts up to 14 days after infection, while anti-treponemal IgG will appear 4 weeks later. IgG and IgM are detectable in the majority of symptomatic patients.

Health data for 2020 shows that around 690,000 people are living with HIV and 133,945 cases of syphilis (UNAIDS, 2020). The number of active cases in 2021, shown in productive age (25-40 years), HIV positive reached 36,902 and AIDS 5750 (Riskesdas, 2021). Therefore, Indonesia is implementing the goal of eliminating HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis to reduce cases of transmission to babies.

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