SNIBE Maglumi X3i

Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System

Compatible, Efficient, Integrated.

SNIBE Maglumi X3i is made domestically at the top production facilities at PT Prodia Diagnostic Line which has received GMPMD and ISO 13485 certification. The automatic system instrument is equipped with 166 examinations, throughput of up to 200 tests/hour, capacity of up to 20 reagents & 72 samples can be loaded, RFID system, system loading/unloading without pause, and automatic washing system.

SNIBE Maglumi X3i Using ABEI-label method

Amino-Butyl-Ethyl-Isoluminol (ABEI)is a small non-enzyme molecule with a special molecular formula to improve stability in acid and alkaline buffers. Antibodies/antigens that have been combined with chemiluminescence make an ABEI-label then mobilized magnetically to produce an immune antigen-antibodies complex which will be read by the detector on the photomultiplier tube (PMT) with luminescence method.

Feature Specifications:

  • Reagent and Sample Space : Capacity up to 20 reagents & 72 samples can be loaded equipped with an RFID system, cooling compartment with a temperature of 10 °C (± 0.3 °C), reagent & sample monitoring status indicators, STAT method & reagent/sample cuvette loading/unloading without pause.
  • Integrated Single Reaction Cuvette : The cuvettes are square to minimize the absorption from external light during the measuring process, the cuvettes are integrated into one rack with a capacity of up to 182 cuvettes.
  • User-Friendly UI Interface : The main menu display is easy to understand and interactive for users. Display features include monitoring test modes, reagent types, and monitoring the volume of consumables used according to the type of test used, equipped with an automatic recovery system when this occurs error.
  • Equipped with Status Indicator : Users can easily find out if there are warnings or errors on the system using the status indicator light as an alarm for monitoring the volume of reagents, samples, and consumables without having to look at the alarm display on the monitor screen.
  • Automatic Suction Probe (Pipette) Technology : Use of single probe material Politetrafluoroetileno (TEFLON) is equipped with a liquid level detector, collision protection detector, coagulation detector, real-time liquid volume monitoring, and an automatic probe washing system following the mode used. The function of the pipette is to suck reagents and samples to be placed in one of the cuvettes precisely.
  • Incubation Work System : The incubation chamber is equipped with heating sensors on five sides of the chamber (left, right, front, back, and bottom) with a temperature of 37.0°C (±0.3°C) to ensure the sample gets a stable, fast, and accurate temperature. The incubation room capacity of up to 80 cuvettes.
  • Sample Cuvette Washing Work System : In this system, a 4-step washing process is carried out to ensure value accuracy, concentration, and absorbance of molecules in the sample. Each step of the washing process uses magnetic technology, the sample molecules in the cuvette will be attracted to the magnet leaving the residual liquid in the cuvette, in this process the probe will suck up the residual liquid and then replace it with liquid washer into the cuvette. The cuvette will be rotated by a non-contact mixer to molecules and a liquid washer mixed.
  • Measuring Chamber Work System : Using the immunoreaction principle, heterogeneous magnetic separation technology combined with chemiluminescence to directly label antigens or antibodies with ABEI-label (Amino-Butyl-Ethyl-Isoluminol). In the measuring chamber, a cuvette was added by starter 1 and starter 2 as an analyzer, and the illumination produced from the reaction was read by a light-tight photomultiplier tube (PMT) to minimize readings from external light scattering.
Work principle Direct CLIA (Chemiluminescence Immunoassay), magnetic microbeads separation, technology ABEI-label
Operating mode Benchtop, random access (STAT)
Throughput 200 tests/hour
Throughput incubation 294 tests/hour
Incubation capacity 80 cuvettes
Incubation temperature 37.0 °C (± 0.3 °C)
Maximum cuvette Total of up to 364 cuvettes can be loaded
Measuring technology Photomultiplier tube (PMT
Maximum water consumption 10 L
Barcode Equipped with an RFID system for reading barcode samples/reagents
Alarm system Light and sound indicators, status indicators on the display screen
Operating time Can be used for 24 hours
Connectivity Bidirectional LIS, TCP/IP, COM connector, Ethernet
Quality Control (QC) Monthly
Operating environment Temperature 10 - 30 ℃, humidity ≤70 %, keep away from sources of electromagnetic field interference
Storage environment Temperature -20 - 55 °C, humidity ≤93 %, atmospheric pressure 50.0 – 106.0 kPa, Room free from strong sunlight and gasses corrosive with good ventilation
Dimension 90 cm (L) x 75 cm (W) x 78 cm (H)
Weight 132 kg
Power Consumption AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 600 VA, noise <70dB
Reagent capacity 20 reagents, uninterrupted operation
Volume reagent 10 – 450 μL
Reagent system graph 10 main graph, 2 point recalibration
Reagent system temperature 2 - 8 °C
Reagent ambience temperature Constant temperature 10 °C (±3 °C), can be used for 24 hours as long as the instrument is on
Sample capacity 72 samples, uninterrupted operation, STAT system
Volume sample 10 – 200 μL
Sample type Serum, blood plasma, urine, whole blood samples
Sample cuvette type Optical cuvette, plastic cuvette (quartz glass)
Reagent ambience temperature Constant temperature 10 °C (± 0.3 °C), can be used for 24 hours as long as the instrument is on
Consumables Number of Units
Reagent 19 Types
Reaction cuvette 546 cuvettes/doos (3 x 182 cuvettes)
Starter 1 230 mL
Starter 2 230 mL
Light check 1 Kit (5 x 2 mL)
Concentrated cleaning fluid 714 mL
System tube cleaning fluid 500 mL

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