Semi-Automatic Analyzer

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PROLINE DPC16 Semi-Automatic Analyzer has compact dimensions, and superior quality, made domestically at the top production facilities at PT Prodia Diagnostic Line which has received GMPMD and ISO 13485 certification. PROLINE DPC16 Semi-Automatic Analyzer is equipped with a storage capacity of up to 300.000 data, multifunctional tests for clinical chemistry, coagulation, and bidirectional LIS connections.

  • Coagulation examination:Prothrombin Time (PT), Active Partial Thromboplastin Time (APPT), Thrombin Time (TT), Plasma Fibrinogen (FIB), D-Dimer.
  • Clinical chemistry examination: proteins, lipids, glucose, enzymes, other organic elements.
  • Storage capacity of up to 300.000 data, bidirectional LIS
  • 8 wavelengths, 2 wavelengths for special options.
  • Calibration of Platelet Time (PT%), International Normalized Ratio (INR), Prothrombin Time Ratio (PTR).
  • Equipped with features that are easy to operate, an automatic temperature monitoring system in the incubator, easy maintenance, automatic curve display, and automatic error correction by the system.
Mode Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation (PT, APPT, TT, FIB, D-Dimer)
Working principle Colorimetric method, immunoturbidimetry, optics (coagulation)
Sample type Serum, plasma, urine, and cerebrospinal liquid
Measurement method End-point, kinetic, fixed-time, and absorbance
Quality control Real-time, daily, cumulative, graphic level-Jennings, the control option uses the principle westgard equipped with double plot
Calibration type Linear & non-linear calibration
Calibration method Manual and automatic (RF electronic calibration)
Absorption range 0 – 3,2 A
Accuracy 0,0001 Abs
Repeatability of absorption CV ≤ 1,0%
Absorption stability ≤ 0,005
Display 17.7 cm touchscreen with user-friendly menu display, internal thermal printer
Volume minimal 200 µL (flow cell) and 150 µL (coagulation)
Wavelength 8 wavelength range 340 - 660 nm
2 wavelengths for custom choice
Optical system Halogen lamp (6V 10W), special filter intervention with a range which refers to cut off which has been determined, spectrophotometric method
Storage 300.000 storage
Output results Internal thermal printer, external printer (inkjet or laser printer)
Connectivity 4 port USB and 1 port LAN
Dimensions 33,6 cm (L) x 31,8 cm (W) x 18,2 cm (H)
Weight ≤ 6 kg
Electrical operating power 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 120 W
Operating conditions Temperature: 10 - 35 °C
Humidity: 10 – 85 %, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 70 – 106 Kpa
Storage conditions Temperature: 10 - 40 °C
Humidity: 10 – 93 %, no condensation
Atmospheric pressure: 50 – 106 Kpa

Assay List

PROLINE DPC16 has been programmed with various testing methods and parameter identification ranging from general to specific clinical chemistry test parameters.

Recommended Kit Line

PROLINE DPC16 is a fully automated clinical chemistry instrument designed for fast and efficient workflow. We recommend using the Proline reagent in the Multi Purpose Kit type for an automated workflow using a barcode system and a bottle shape that fits the reagent tray.

Click Here to see the types of kits and a list of Proline reagent parameters that can be applied in PROLINE DPC16..

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