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Measurement of unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC) combined with serum iron is a useful diagnostic tool for the determination of various types of iron disorders in the body. The number of UIBC and serum iron gives the total iron binding capacity (TIBC). TIBC represents the maximum concentration of iron that can be bound by serum proteins. The level of UIBC in serum varies depending on metabolic disorders, where iron capacity is often increased in cases of iron deficiency and decreased in chronic inflammatory disorders or dangerous diseases.

Increased in

  • Iron deficiency

Decreased in

  • Chronic inflammatory disorders


Ready to use reagent.

Proline UIBC FS comes in a liquid format which provides convenience for users as no reconstitution is required which helps reduce the risk of misdiagnosis.

Open system reagent, compatible with a wide range of instruments.

Proline UIBC FS reagent is suitable for various third-party analyzers such as Abbott, Advia, Cobas, Hitachi, Olympus, Response, TokyoBoeki, and Beckman Coulter. Please contact our technical support at for further compatibility information on other types of analyzers.


  • Photometric test using Ferene
  • No interference: ascorbic acid 30 mg/dL, bilirubin 60 mg/dL, hemoglobin 200 mg/dL, lipemia to triglycerides 2000mg/dL, RF 350 IU/mL, copper 15 mg/dL and zinc 15 mg/dL
  • Measurement linearity reaches 750 g/dL., with a lower limit of detection of 6 g/dL



Kit Lines

No. Catalog R1 R2 Kit Size
1 1921 99 10 921  4 X 21 mL 4 X 6 mL Proline® R-910
1 1921 99 10 930 4 X 20 mL 2 X 10 mL Hitachi 704/717/902/911/912/917

Reference Range

Measurement of unsaturated iron-binding capacity (UIBC) in combination with serum iron is a useful diagnostic tool in the determination of various iron disorders.


  • Iron metabolism

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