Virtual Expo of National Medical Devices 2021

Event : Virtual Expo of National Medical Devices 2021

Organizer : Ministiry of Health Republic of Indonesia

Date : 30 August 2021 – 1 September 2021

About the event.

For three days, all professionals such as the government, healthcare services, researchers, private sectors, and manufacturers from Indonesia gathered virtually and joined the seminars sharing about technological and regulation progress and innovation made by Indonesian for the last two years of the pandemic. 

All materials and recap video can be accessed and shared publicly through these links:

Day 1Click to watch the seminar 

  • Policies to encourage independence and the resilience of medical devices.
  • Research and discoveries on the medical device sector.
  • The Reflection on 5 Years of Presidential Instruction 6 of 2016 in the middle of a Global Pandemic and the Strategy for Increasing the Independence of National Medical Devices.

Day 2: Click to watch the seminar 

  • The foundation of the self-reliance strategy for medical devices based on the classification of raw materials, production processes, and related matters.
  • Absorption and use of domestic medical devices as the foundation for achieving independence and resilience of national medical devices.
  • Strengthening groups of researchers and engineers based on medical device raw materials, including Technopark at the University to accelerate independence.

Day 2: Click to watch the seminar 

  • Cross-ministerial development of information systems and testing of medical devices.
  • The development of sectoral procurement with a regulated marketplace.
  • The future of right procurement policy.
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